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Restoration Services and Pricing
by model year:

small gauges, tachs, speedos, cluster housings, wiper motors

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tachs, speedos, instrument clusters, clocks, wiper motors, headlight motors, glovebox doors, 65-67 consoles

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speedometers, tachs, clocks, gauge clusters, oil gauges, climate control units, wiper switch plates

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1963-1967 Restoration
Services and Pricing


Corvette Speedometers & Tachometers

Base cost $65.00*
Includes disassemble, clean, rebuild or replace, internal parts, repaint pointers as required, calibrate.

+$35.00 for 67 speed warning Speedometer.
+$25.00 for 63 Buzzer Tachometer.
+$100.00 each for trip and total odometer replacement.

*All parts, refacing, touch up red-line etc. extra.  Typical completed cost: $110.00-$175.00 each, including parts.
Corvette Instrument Clusters

$435.00 Labor 63-64 - All parts and facing extra
$400.00 Labor 65-67 - All parts and facing extra
Includes complete disassembly, repaint housing inside and out, clean, test, calibrate small gauges, repaint pointers, complete overhaul of speedo and tach. Replace parts, lenses, etc. as needed. Expert reassembly with exacting detail.

+$20.00 for cluster with speed warning.
+$35.00 for refacing with speed warning if needed.

+$25.00 for Tachometer and 66-67 Temperature gauge, yellow/red line re-screening. If cluster is receiving a full reface, this charge will not apply.
+$110.00 each for trip and total odometer replacement.
+$25.00 for 60-80lb oil conversion with all reface.
+$25.00 for Headlight Motor switch Restoration.

Typical cost for 63: $625.00-$750.00 (including parts) with new plastic lenses as original. We recommend replacing lenses with glass as used on 64-67 if you do not plan on showing the car in N.C.R.S. or Bloomington type events.
Typical cost for 64: $625.00-$750.00 (including parts)
Typical cost for 65-67: $600.00-$700.00 (including parts), or $825.00-$925.00 with all gauges refaced

**Note: When sending clusters for restoration, give complete instructions for Red Line changes, etc., if needed. Send key or remove ignition switch - your choice. If lighter, switches,capacitors, knobs, etc. are left in cluster, we will clean, replace, restore, etc. as you desire, at an additional cost.

Corvette Wiper Motors

Type I:  Base cost $165.00*
Includes complete disassembly, cleaning, testing, service switch, armature, pump assembly, etc. Reassemble with new/replated hardware. Parts that were originally cadmium plated are painted to look like original finish. Aluminum surfaces cleaned thoroughly.  New foam firewall seal installed. New white washer valve kit installed. Ideal for non-show cars!

+$16.00 for Washer Pump Kit.
Typical completed cost $175.00-$190.00.

Type II:  Base cost $215.00*
Same as above except parts that were originally cadmium plated are replated except for end housing which is painted to resemble cadmium. Original new or replated hardware with original head markings used throughout. Aluminum surfaces restored to original appearance.  Washer Pump Kit (if needed), foam firewall seal and white valve kit are also installed. This is an excellent value!

Type III: Our show car specialty! Base cost $250.00*
Same as our Type II except the end housing is also cadmium plated. Detailed like you couldn't imagine - a must for that correct car!

*Additional parts or repairs extra on all motors. Some motors that have been blasted or severely weathered may require extra work or may not be restorable to like new appearance.
Corvette Clocks

Includes complete disassembly, restore case, bezel, face, pointers, install new lens and rebuild mechanical movement. Non-show cars, we strongly recommend Quartz conversion, they are much more reliable!

$165.00* With rebuilt standard mechanical movement
$165.00* Quartz conversion

*Additional parts may be required.
Corvette Headlight Motors

Rebuild and cosmetic including new main drive gear.
Base cost $124.00*

*Field and/or Bushing repairs extra.
**New headlight motors available, see the C2 Parts link for pricing. Core credit can be applied by trading in your cores.
Corvette Glove Box Doors

64-67:  We disassemble your glovebox door and reinstall a new, correct, brushed insert.  Repainted front and back as original. Original riveted appearance on the back of door is retained. Please note: we cannot rechrome the door.
Base cost $124.00*

+$45.00 for new emblem - we recommend replacing emblem but will restore and reattach original emblem upon customer request for $15.00.
+$15.00 Hinge stripped and painted
+$3.00 Decal on 66 and 67

Send us the entire door and box assembly and we will restore and repaint for an additional $75.00 labor plus parts (including liner, screws, bumpers, etc.)

*Typical completed cost - $275.00-$300.00.

Corvette Consoles (64-67)

Install new shifter surround, etc. Clean, repaint.  Note: we cannot rechrome the console.
Base cost $140.00
1963 ONLY Heater Blower Motors

Base Cost $120.00*

*Additional parts and repairs extra.

**Prices subject to change.**