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Restoration Services and Pricing
by model year:

small gauges, tachs, speedos, cluster housings, wiper motors

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tachs, speedos, instrument clusters, clocks, wiper motors, headlight motors, glovebox doors, 65-67 consoles

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speedometers, tachs, clocks, gauge clusters, oil gauges, climate control units, wiper switch plates

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1953-1962 Restoration
Services and Pricing


Small Corvette Gauges

$95.00* per gauge pair. 
Includes: Clean, restore cases, test and reassemble gauge.

$10.00-$50.00* repair only, calibration etc.

*Extra charges may apply to units requiring additional parts or cosmetics.

Corvette Tachometers

Base cost $105.00*
Includes disassembly, clean, restore case, rebuild or replace internal mechanism, and calibrate.

+$45.00 Refacing.
+$55.00 Tachometer Rev. Counter (correct)

*Parts, lenses, refacing (59-62) extra. Typical completed cost is $175.00-$325.00.

**We offer our own exact reproduction 53-62 tachometers in all varieties. Please inquire.
Corvette Speedometers

Base cost $105.00*
Includes disassembly, clean, restore case, rebuild or replace internal mechanism, and calibrate.

+$45.00 Refacing (applies to 59-62)
+$55.00 New Odometer

*Typical completed cost $200.00-$375.00 including parts.  53-58 Instruments may require refinishing Lens Backplate at an additional charge of $20.00 per unit.

**We stock quality, reproduction chrome bezels and correct odometers for these Tachs, Speedo's, and small gauges. These bezels would be an additional charge to the above prices. See Restoration Products for pricing.
Corvette Wiper Motors

Type I: Base cost $155.00*
ncludes complete disassembly, cleaning, testing, service switch, armature, etc. Reassemble with new/replated hardware. Parts that were originally cadmium plated are painted to look like cadmium plating. Aluminum surfaces cleaned thoroughly.

Type II: Base cost $185.00*
Same as Type I, except parts that were originally cadmium plated are replated except for end housing which is painted. Aluminum surfaces restored to original appearance.

Type III: Base cost $220.00*
Our show car specialty! Complete rebuild as Type II, including cadmium plating on originally plated parts, and new actuator, if needed.  Aluminum surfaces restored to original appearance.

*Additional parts or repairs extra, on all motors.  Some motors that have been blasted or severely weathered may require extra work or may not be restorable to like new appearance.
**If motor is equipped with washer pump vacuum coordinator, we will clean at no additional charge.  Please specify if coordinator needs to be functional. Additional charges will apply. (Limited supply of NOS coordinators are available) 
Corvette Clocks

Sorry we CANNOT REPAIR 53-62 clocks due to the lack of repair parts available. We can, however perform cosmetic restorations. In some cases, the clock will be operable. Unfortunately, we CANNOT offer a warranty on the clock operation.

*We offer new 58-62 reproduction clocks with quartz movements - $149.00.
Corvette Dash Inserts

In the past the only option was to restore your existing dash inserts.  Corvette Specialties of MD West now offers new, exact, and completely assembled Dash Inserts.  These are a much better option than a costly and time-consuming restoration.  Check the Shop CSMD West menu on the left for details.
1956-1962 Heater Blower Motors

Base Cost $120.00*

*Additional parts or repairs extra.

**Prices subject to change.**