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COD All Cash-On-Delivery orders are payable by money order or cashier's check unless prior arrangements are made.
NO cash or personal checks will be accepted.  Additional UPS fees apply.
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Items Enclosed

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Dash Cluster Assy. Including Gauges (leave key in ignition OR remove ignition before shipping. $15.00 charge to remove ignition cylinder if key is not provided)
                          Place an X here if you would like the odometer reset to zero if it is replaced.
Tachometer (If including 53-61 unit, please specify drive type:  Distributor Drive Generator Drive
Speedometer            Place an X here if you would like the odometer reset to zero if it is replaced.
Gauges:   Fuel Temp Battery Oil  (Please DO NOT remove gauges from 53-62 case models)
Clocks 63-82:  Standard Movement  Quartz Moverment  (53-62 owners, we perform cosmetics ONLY, no mechanical repairs)
Glove Box Door   Glove Box Assembly
Dash Insert 58-62
Headlight Motor
Wiper Motor:  Type I Service   Type II Service   Type III Service
 Place an X here if unit is a REPAIR ONLY - NO COSMETICS
Applies to individual gauges only (part of a cluster).  Remember, we can make your parts look New!
Please list all other commments, instructions, or requests here.  Be as specific as possible.  For example: red line changes, additional services, etc.

Corvette Specialties of MD West will make every effort to notify the customer should unexpected or unusual situations arise that cause a substantial overage in your Service Fee.
Please remember we are working on items that are often 40 or more years old and are normally meant to be replaced when failure occurs.

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